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Gear up for success and learn to lead in RSU’s student-first business administration program.

Essential skills for success in business — leadership, problem-solving, team-building, communication, and others — are becoming even more critical if you want to get ahead in the modern business climate. Whether you’re interested in finance, management, marketing, or accounting, or you want to build your own business, a business administration degree is a valuable first step.

With seven specializations and dynamic, relevant coursework, RSU’s program helps you gain an advantage in the marketplace. Here, you’ll learn how businesses function and how to ensure an organization’s success in an increasingly competitive global landscape. In doing so, you’ll be prepared to meet the growing demand for business majors who can effectively manage organizations — and take them to the next level.

B.S. in Business Administration Degree Requirements

Beyond core coursework in fundamental business principles, your curriculum will vary depending on the bachelor’s in business administration track you choose. As a business major, you’ll be able to choose from the following degree paths:

  • Accounting Option❖:
    In the accounting option, you’ll take various courses in accounting, including accounting information systems, auditing, and tax accounting. You’ll also complete coursework in business ethics, management, and the legal environment for businesses.
    Degree Requirements
  • Entrepreneurship Option:
    As a business major specializing in entrepreneurship, you’ll develop skills in communication, management, leadership, and new venture development. You’ll also study economics, marketing, finance, and other areas that will help you develop a successful new business.
    Degree Requirements
  • Finance Option❖:
    Explore corporate financial management and delve into the world of investments. In this option, you’ll learn to guide financial management and investment policy decisions in a variety of organizations. You’ll study financial markets and institutions that support a career path in banking and get acquainted with the practical side of real estate investing. You’ll also advance your analytical skills in finance using Excel and several other tools.
    Degree Requirements
  • Human Resources Management Option:
    As a business major in human resources management, you’ll learn all about how people and organizations behave — and what they value. Take courses in organizational behavior, risk management, compensation and benefits, and more.
    Degree Requirements
  • Management Option❖:
    From conflict resolution (in our popular “I’m Always Right!” course) to business strategy and policy, you’ll enhance your decision-making skills and your knowledge of business practices.
    Degree Requirements
  • Marketing Option:
    This marketing degree path focuses on e-marketing, consumer behavior, marketing research, and other concepts that prepare you to engage customers.
    Degree Requirements
  • Supply Chain Management Option:
    Many business administration degrees focus on general business principles, but supply chain management requires a unique skillset. Learn how to effectively manage projects, logistics, and quality in this specialized path.
    Degree Requirements 

Degree offered online.

Business Administration Program Features

At RSU, becoming a business major means more than earning your degree on paper. It means gaining real-world perspectives, the flexibility to pursue your goals, and preparing to work in specialized industries. Most of all, it means committing to a journey of personal and professional growth — at RSU and beyond. Here’s how RSU helps foster that growth:

  • Seven in-demand, industry-relevant specializations.
    Choose from accounting, entrepreneurship, finance, human resources management, general management, marketing, or supply chain management options. Each of these allow you to follow your passion or strengths and immerse yourself in a specific facet of business.
  • On-campus, online, and hybrid options.
    Join us on the Hill of the Claremore campus in Hillcat Nation, complete your courses online (some options are offered entirely online), or choose a blended option. At RSU, you can earn your degree in a format that fits your needs and learning style.
  • Prepare for both the workplace and graduate study.
    Whether you’re looking to enter the job market immediately or you want to pursue graduate programs in business, you’ll build a strong foundation for either goal.

Why choose RSU for your business administration degree?

From the pride that comes with being a Hillcat to the career outcomes that follow your journey as a business major, the benefits of choosing RSU are virtually endless. Here’s what sets RSU apart from other business programs:

  • Faculty who know you by name.
    Experience our student-first approach in your business courses. Most of our courses have fewer than 20 students, resulting in a 16:1 student-to-faculty ratio. Our faculty also have decades of experience in both teaching and business, meaning your professors can offer individualized, applicable guidance.
  • Real-world experience.
    Learn in a bachelor’s in business administration program that offers internships, community partnership programs, and courses based in real-life business scenarios. RSU integrates experiential and traditional learning in most of our courses and our students can intern at various local businesses and non-profits.
  • Investment in your success.
    From helping you avoid heavy student debt to keeping courses relevant to the modern business world, RSU is committed to your success as a business major and a Hillcat. View Student Resources

What our alumni have to say about RSU’s Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Program

“I think the business program has been a great help in preparing me for my future. My dream has always been to have my own business. By choosing the entrepreneurship option, I was able to take courses that taught me what I need to do to make this happen. I have learned how to start a business, how to build a budget and marketing plan and have a jump start on the accounting side.” – Chandler Fuller, 2022, B.S. Business Administration: Entrepreneurship

What can you do with a bachelor’s in business administration degree?

Depending on the area of emphasis you choose, you can go on to hold a variety of roles or pursue graduate study. Some job opportunities for business graduates include:

  • Public, private, or governmental accounting
  • Events manager
  • Project manager
  • Marketing coordinator
  • Public relations coordinator
  • Social media coordinator
  • Payroll specialist
  • Human resources manager
  • Business owner
  • Financial analyst
  • Investment manager

Financial Aid for Business Majors

At RSU, we’re committed to ensuring all students can pursue a college degree, regardless of their financial situation. We offer several scholarships for incoming RSU students. Business students can also apply for the following outside scholarships (unaffiliated with RSU):

View financial aid, cost of attendance, and scholarship opportunities.

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Edgar Zetina, B.S. Business Administration: Management

“RSU offered me opportunities I wouldn’t have had at other universities. The Honors Program has given me a wealth of knowledge and a greater appreciation for learning than I could have ever expected. I was an intern through The Washington Center program where I was able to get knowledge you can only get from people who have succeeded in the real world and are willing to turn around and help those behind them do the same.”

Edgar Zetina